Install the Connector Module

Follow the instructions bellow in order to install the connector module.

Step 1
Download the Unity Reports extension for Magento by clicking here.
Step 2
Log in to the Magento Connect Manager.
In the Magento Admin, go to System → Magento Connect → Magento Connect Manager.

step2 Step 3
In the Magento Connect Manager:
  • Turn off 'maintenance mode'
  • Choose and upload the Unity Reports package
step3 Step 4
Return to the Magento Admin and clear the Magento cache
  • Go to System → Cache Management
  • Click ‘Flush Magento Cache’ and wait for it to confirm that it is flushed
  • Click ‘Select All’ in the table
  • Choose ‘Refresh’ from the drop down on the right, and click ‘Submit’
step4b Step 5
Log out of the Magento Admin, and then log back in
Step 6
Enter your Unity Reports Credentials in the Unity Reports section of your Magento Configuration:
  • Go to System → Configuration
  • Click ‘Unity Reports’ in the lefthand navigation
  • Set the Status drop down to “On” to enable Unity Reports.
  • Enter your site credentials including License Key, Api Key and Api Secret. Where can I find my API credentials
API Secret
  • Click ‘Save Config’
step6b Step 7
Repeat step 4: refresh the Magento cache
That’s it! You can now log in to to see analytics in your Dashboard. Historical data can take up to a day after the sync to show up accurately in UnityReports