Daily Email

Your store's most important KPI's, delivered to you each morning so that no relevant activity passes unnoticed.

Application - Daily Report

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Create unique overviews of your reports by organizing them in Custom Dashboards.

Why settle for crammed dashboards when you can select the reports that are truly important for you and organize them in custom dashboards?

Need a special report that you can't find in our exdended list? Don't worry, if we have the necessary data, we can build it for you. For free.

Application - Custom dashboards

Advanced Segmentation

Looking at the big picture is rarely enough. It's only when you start segmenting your aggregated data that you uncover actionable insights.

Want to know how the Conversion Rate varies for American customers depending on their gender? Interested in getting a list of your best­selling products in the UK or finding out which campaigns work best in France?

You can do this and much more by creatively combining a large selection of available filters.

Application - Segmentation