UnityReports for Ecommerce Managers

UnityReports for Ecommerce Managers

Product performance

Use the "Product Insights" dashboards in order to answer questions like:

  • What's selling and what's not
  • What products have great potential
  • What products are most returned
  • What are your most abandoned products

Channels & Campaigns

One single dashboard with an overview of channels, campaigns and mediums performance.

  • What channels is worth investing in
  • What drives more visits
  • What generates more revenue

Stock Indicators- High, Low and Optimum

Passed sales data can help determining optimal stock levels in order to avoid money loosing situations like over stocking, or under stocking.

For even deeper insights, the data can grouped at SKU level, product name level, or by any of your defined product attributes.


Customer Segments

Do you want to reactivate customers that abandon the shopping cart, or maybe send a coupon code to the ones that registered recently, or a free gift to your frequent buyers?

With the Customers Engagement dashboard it only takes one click to export a complete CSV file ready to be used in your mailing application