Sales analytics for Magento

Understand customer behavior. Track eCommerce data. Make better decisions.

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Grow your online business with data

UnityReports is a SaaS business intelligence solution that merges data from your e-Commerce with​ other services like​ Google Analytics and Google AdWords in order to create dashboards that help you grow your business.

  • Cohort Analysis

    Easily compare compare how different groups of customers, behave over time. Create cohorts based on acquisition date, channel, campaign or age.

  • Product Insights

    Which are your best selling products, which ones are getting a lot of visits, but have poor performance, which ones are not selling at all and more

  • Daily Stats

    A daily email with your store's most important KPI's, delivered to you each morning so that no relevant activity passes unnoticed.

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Ready to use eCommerce Analytics

No more looking at multiple data sources! No more complicated pivot tables! All you need to do is install the connector module for your platform and you can start capturing exactly the knowledge that your organization requires.
Move over the big picture and start getting into the details by slicing, dicing and drilling your data like the big guys, without having to be a data scientist.

How UnityReports can work for you


Improve product and category performance, reactivate customers with the right message, optimize marketing campaigns and wisely allocate budget with confidence.

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All your data in one place, all your KPI's automatically calculated and updated in almost real time. CSV data exports.

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Make smart data driven decision without heavy number crunching. You can stop wasting time on calculating KPI's and focus on interpreting and deducing future actions.

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