UnityReports - Ecommerce Analytics

The business intelligence & data analytics
platform for e-commerce

Transaction, marketing and merchandising data with 100% accuracy

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The first analytics platform for e-Commerce

Grow your online business with data

UnityReports is a SaaS business intelligence solution that merges data from your e-Commerce with​ other services like​ Google Analytics and Google AdWords in order to create dashboards that help you grow your business.

  • Cohort Analysis

    Easily compare compare how different groups of customers, behave over time. Create cohorts based on acquisition date, channel, campaign or age.

  • Product Insights

    Which are your best selling products, which ones are getting a lot of visits, but have poor performance, which ones are not selling at all and more

  • Customer Profiles

    We track relevant customer activity like visits, product views and add to carts so that you can choose the best marketing strategy.

  • Custom Dashboards

    We have hundreds of reports and KPI's that you can combine and organize the that suits you best.

  • Campaign Performance

    Spend Your money wisely. Learn what's working and what's not through our detailed campaign monitoring.

  • Daily Stats

    A daily email with your store's most important KPI's, delivered to you each morning so that no relevant activity passes unnoticed.