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The first analytics platform for e-Commerce


UnityReports is a SaaS business intelligence solution that merges data from your e-Commerce with​ other services like​ Google Analytics and Google AdWords in order to create dashboards that help you grow your business.


The data is extracted either through our dedicated connectors or existing APIs


We process and transform the data on our dedicated cloud servers


The data is served as reports with very low latency on your device


Connect your Magento shop in just 5 minutes

Our Magento Connector module will make the integration process a matter of minutes.
We analyze sales data, so there is no need for custom integrations, event tracking, or customized dashboards, it's just a basic module installation. Download the connector module from here

It's all about data

  • Advanced Segmentation

    Advanced Segmentation

    Looking at the big picture is rarely enough, it's only when you start segmenting your aggregated data that you uncover the actionable insights.

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  • Custom Dashboards

    Custom Dashboards

    Create unique overview of your reports by organizing them in Custom Dashboards.

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  • Customer Profiles

    Customer Profiles

    Drill-down on specific customers for a comprehensive profile. Track all relevant activity.

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